Here's what others are saying about my teaching


Here are some testimonials from students

"Thank you so much for the wonderful, inspiring, skilful and uplifting yoga sessions. They have really helped me to cope with these difficult times as they made a huge contribution to keep my body flexible and me more relaxed and positive thinking, the weekly routine was important too. I very much enjoyed the flow of exercises and different yoga positions as well as the stories and poems throughout the sessions. Your sound knowledge of the physical dimensions of yoga and its impact on our mind and soul are very much appreciated as well as all the thoughtful preparations to create a variety of stimulating yoga classes."  Kathleen K. Dec 2020 Online classes

"Thank you for keeping us going through this very strange time- you have been a rock and a balance."  Vivienne J. December 2020 Online classes

"I HIGHLY recommend Linda's classes. She is absolutely brilliant! " Emily D.  Oxted November 2019

"You are the calm point of my week. Love your class".   "Honestly, I can't imagine my week without your class - genuinely love it!"  Nikki, West Wickham Feb and November 2019

"Thank you for the effort and preparation that goes into our weekly yoga classes. I am really learning a lot and get much joy from your teaching. "

Caroline A, Coulsdon  December 2018

"I feel I have benefited immensely from the classes, and many of my erstwhile chronic aches and pains soon disappeared, especially in my neck, shoulders and back. I would highly recommend anyone to go along and join in, regardless of age, fitness level or previous experience of yoga."

Heather M, Purley April 2018

"One of the best yoga teachers that I have used. Friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed."

Steve G. Purley April 2018

"When I started having classes with Linda,  because of her attention to details - focusing on breathing, correcting postures here, making slight adjustments there, my practice moved to a whole new level. Not only were the added physical benefits immediately apparent, but also the mental benefits that I had previously given little thought to. I would highly recommend Linda as a teacher. As her web site say; 'Come for a stretch, leave with more'. I would say, leave with MUCH more. "

Kevin B, Purley, June 2015


"I suffer with a back pain and hunching over a computer screen all day doesn’t help, I thought this would be a great idea to better my posture and help to improve strength in my core. I have had only couple of classes with Linda; however, I’m already starting to notice a difference in my posture and I sleep very well after each class. It’s shocking for me that I actually really enjoy it as I can’t stand any form of exercise. "

Grace M, Clapham, July 2014

And here's what some of my fellow teachers have said

.... students love her. She has a beautiful manner and her teaching is very thorough and her mind is always on safe movement. She watches the students as well as demonstrating completely to make sure everyone get the best from her classes. She's incredibly approachable and has a great connection with the people she teaches and she's very down to earth. She is passionate about Yoga and it's many benefits. Gina H Aug 2018

...exceptional teaching skills, clearly managing both beginner and mixed level groups. I have no qualms with new students joining any of her classes as I know they will be well looked after.  Caroline L. Aug 2018

"You are just so inspiring - so much passion to give, just amazing"  Selina India 2016

"Wow - lucky us... such an inspiration in so many ways.  I only hope to follow in your path one day" Emma W India 2016

"Loves to play and be creative. also to think and be analytical.  This is a beautiful combination.  Beautiful and wise teacher". Victoria  India 2016

"Smart, funny and incredibly sensitive" Beth H India 2016

Deepti S. London  2013 "Such a beautiful approach to yoga.  You have so much to give your students from your experience.... They will be very lucky to have you as their teacher.