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About Yoga

Yoga has its roots in India, maybe as long as four thousand years ago.  Unlike other fitness fads that come and go, millions of people around the world, including top sportsmen and women, continue to practice yoga and feel its benefits.


There are many different styles of yoga - but all the physical practices are some form of "Hatha" yoga - the yoga of forceful effort.  I originally trained in Vinyasa Flow yoga, which is a style of Hatha yoga that emphasizes flowing movement linked to the breath.  It is beautifully adaptable for everyone, from beginners to advanced.  It enables me to tailor classes rather than have a "one size fits all" approach.  Each class is built around the same basic structure, but with different sequences and poses that can be modified to suit you, depending on your level of flexibility, strength and experience.  You will be able to measure progress with old favourites, but at the same time be introduced to new challenges and poses that work different muscle groups in a different way.

I also teach "yin" yoga - a much more static, meditation style - really good for your joints!


Everyone's body is different, and one of the things I love about yoga is that it is not a competitive sport, so there is no pressure to keep up with the person next door!  Your pose, your flow, will have its own beauty and I will help you find the most beautiful and comfortable expression for you.  I am also qualified to teach those with physical disabilities, so if you have have some mobility impairments - perhaps from injury, or illness, then don't let that stop you - give me a call to find the most suitable class for you. 


Yoga also has a meditational quality that enables the mind to have a little holiday from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  One of my favourite moments in my practice is when I simply come to sit on my mat and just reconnect with my body and my breath and just "be".


Not convinced?  Think it's all a load of New Age mumbo jumbo?  Well, I have a science degree and I worked as an auditor for many years, so I am a naturally sceptical person.  I always say "Show me the evidence."   Well, apart from the evidence I have from my own practice, there is plenty of scientific evidence too.



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