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Charity Yoga Nidra - Online
                                          Next date:      19  June 7:30pm
                                          Contact me for zoom link.

Balance Workshop

Saturday 27 July   10:00am - 12:30pm
Old Coulsdon Bowling Club

Cost £28 payable in advance. No refunds unless I can resell your space

Contact me to book (be quick, there are limited spaces and these events usually sell out )

Client feedback on my last workshop (May 24)

I loved our workshop today.  Afterwards I felt about two foot longer, much lighter and could feel the space in between my joints! I particularly liked the Yoga Nidra and our visualisation centred around Spring.  Feeling very relaxed ......Thanks for making our workshops so beneficial, rewarding and special by the way you are constantly teaching us new things.  Caroline  
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