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About Me


I've always done some kind of dance or exercise but yoga found me through my (now) husband who was practicing it to manage a back condition.  I started practicing with him, initially once a week and gradually more often.  I found yoga helped everything else I was doing, making all my other exercise much easier.  This steady practice continued for 15 years or so while I had a "normal" job in the corporate world.  Then our worlds were rocked by a series of deaths in the family, and suddenly my well paid city job seemed less meaningful.  I gave up my job to focus on the family.  After a few months of not working I sat down, and for want of a better word “meditated” on what to do next with my life.  Much to my surprise the answer that came back was “Teach yoga”.  I didn’t stop and think about it, I just found a teacher training course and  trained as a yoga teacher - doing a one year course so I could really understand what I was studying.  I thought it would be hard to get started teaching, but work came to me immediately after I qualified and since then it has been as if the universe has laid down a path for me to travel.  Opportunities to teach have arisen precisely when I needed them and I now teach 12- 15 classes a week.  My life is totally different now,  and I am different too - calmer and happier. 


People sometimes say how life changing yoga can be, well for me that has certainly been true.  It doesn’t change in a single class, but with consistent dedicated practice.  So what are you waiting for - maybe this is the moment yoga finds you and starts to change your life.

Qualifications:  Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher training - RYT500.   Qualified in adapting yoga for disability with Mind Body Connections.  Pregnancy Yoga trained through Bliss Baby Yoga.  


Experience: Since qualifying I have taught many thousands of hours of yoga.  I previously worked as a trainer in the corporate sector, and have taught other sports and dance in my spare time. This wealth of experience helps me communicate with people from all walks of life  to help them find the expression of the poses that works  most beautifully for each individual.  


I am a member of  the Adaptive Yoga Network.  


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